Should we do a First Look, or wait to see each other at the alter? It is often pondered, and of course, completely your choice - but: 

With a First Look, you will have much more time for photography, especially sunset photos. You will relieve the pressure that leads to THAT MOMENT, in front of the entire entourage. With a First Look, you will have a quiet, very personal moment, just the two of you together for that first time, but in private. OK, with your photographer. But I promise to be a very small fly on the wall...

And heres a link to the wedding of Leslie and Mark First Look Video

In addition: Please tell your bridesmaid (or helper) to only deal with your wedding train or dress briefly during your processional - otherwise she\'ll be in many of the pictures. It\'s not necessary at all, anyway. Same goes for straightening the dress during the ceremony - it\'s your ceremony! Speaking of the ceremony:

Be sure to place yourself so your face is shadowed, and not facing the sun (for outdoor weddings). Face AWAY from the sun! The sun will make you look like a scrunched-up checkerboard - which is fine for the groom ;-) For the bride, I love to see a halo of sun peeking around your head. Very angelic - which you are, of course. For the moment, anyway.

Ask your officiant to ask guests to not jump into the isle immediately after you enter or exit. That\'s my job, and I do not want to see pics of peoples backsides with their iPads filming you. For that matter, there\'s no reason for guests to treat your wedding as a photo quest - again, that\'s my job.