Hopefully, this FAQ page will answer many of your questions - perhaps some you would not have thought to have asked!

Albums: We deliver albums from only the best sources. These are high quality, archival hand-made albums that will last a lifetime and beyond. There are less expensive alternatives out there, including many that you can order yourself. If you should want to order an album from us a year from now, that would be fine - we do not have a time limit for that, but know that our prices can change, due to our suppliers pricing changing.

Digital Negatives: We deliver all the edited and corrected files to you.Typically there are over 1000 of them. We deliver them with no logo or copyright - they are yours to print as you like.

Bridal Preparation: We like to show up in time to get photography of the bride getting into her dress (Cindi handles that). Lorenzo will be photographing the details and the boys, who are usually drinking beer and watching the game. Their prep usually takes about ten minutes.

Locations: We typically charge a bit more if there is a church wedding and a reception elsewhere. It is a lot more work for us, as we end up practically doing two setups, two shoots.

Engagement Sessions: We love engagement sessions, as they give us time to go outside and spend copious amounts of time playing. We shoot late in the day (when the light is more flattering) and organize them into your choice of 20 photos (-/+) that we make into your guest sign-in book.

Enlargements and prints: We do all of our own fine art printing in our shop. We use the best inks, the best papers and deliver prints that will last 200 years. Likewise with our canvases - they are coated twice and printed on the best canvas stock available. Hey, if they fade after 150 years, we will replace them!

Insurance: Of course, we carry professional insurance. Run from any photographer that does not carry insurance.

Conflicting Dates and Holding Dates: We do no not hold any date without having a retainer for that date. Likewise, you can be assured that we will not be transferred to Alaska, will not take on a bigger wedding, and will not send someone else to be your photographers.

Experience: A highly experienced wedding photographer is a must for any wedding. this is a very different art from from any other specialty, and hiring a friend with lots of experience with baby pics and portraits will end in disaster. Both Cindi and Lorenzo have been full-time professional photographers for over 20 years. We have never  lost a roll of film or lost an image from a wedding. We always carry lighting and backup gear, and always deliver.

Meals: Feed your photographers. It is a long day for you, but much longer for us, and we are on our feet the entire day. Many venues provide food for the vendors AFTER you eat. That leaves us eating while the toasts are beginning, so please ask your venue to provide food for us at the same time they start serving. We never photograph guests eating anyway. And a full guest meal is not necessary - we are usually happy with something warm, quick and nutritious.

Event Hours: Most photographers list their rates by the number of hours, which we think is a recipe for problems at the wedding. We are only working on your wedding on your day, so although we list our hours on our price menu, it is for the sole purpose of letting you know that you can go over the eight hours, no problem. If you think you might go over eight hours, please let us know. We put that in simply because we once did a New Years wedding that ran eighteen hours, with no warning at all. And of course, we never discuss money during your wedding, which is why we expect to receive the final payment thirty days before your event. The agreement can be modified at any time with additions and most changes.

by Laurence Bartone