There are two things to consider when trying to decide on a professional to put your wedding onto film. Price and personality are not even in the running - those are not the things you will be remembering ten or twenty years from now.

First and foremost, simply pay attention to your emotions while looking at his or her photographs - even your body language. Do theses images affect you; do you think the people in the images treasure these images?

Are these pictures that you might imagine on your bedside table or desk in 20 years? Would they be counted among your prized possessions? Can you imagine having an image like that over your fireplace? Are they snapshots or are they artistic mementos that you love to lay your eyes on?

Secondly, check for with Yelp, WeddingWire and other sites that may provide honest reviews.When you interview a photographer, ask about his business - are weddings his full-time work? Inquire about insurance, equipment and backup - do you get a full set of EDITED images to keep? Are there two professional and experienced photographers at your wedding? Does he or she bring a second shooter or apprentice - or even send out others to do your photography?

Look at the images with light in mind - a camera only sees light, and it is the way faces and emotions are sculpted. Are the images a bit flat and muddy or do they have deep, rich blacks and detail in the highlights? Are faces bright without the straight-on flash look? Are the images tinted or obscured in a way that will be so dated in the future? These are all signs of someone who is not trained or not professional.

You have one wedding day. An experienced professional deals with adverse situations, does it quickly and unobtrusively, and always comes back with great images. He or she knows to be in the right place with the right equipment every time. Bad weather, bad light, lack of time, difficult rooms, difficult subjects and scattered locations are just a few of the conditions that a trained and experienced professional deals with - on a daily basis.

Cindi and Lorenzo have come to love capturing the intimate moments during a wedding - that is when those emotions are closest to the surface, when they are most evident, most easily saved for the generations to come.

By Laurence Bartone

Author - Laurence Bartone