I.B.M. Kawasaki Motors
Apple Computer Cover Girl Cosmetics
Rolex Watch Co. Best Foods
Campbell Soups Yamaha Corp.
Burger King Air France
Charles Schwab General Mills
Frito Lay Castle & Cook
Taco Bell Del Monte
Ashton-Tate Duncan Hines
Quaker Corp. Dow Chemical
Heublein Hormel
Post Cereals Levi Strauss
Nestle Chocolate Chevrolet
Steelcase Furniture BMW Autos
Cessna Aircraft Pepperidge Farms
Christian Brothers Nabisco
Beef Council TransAmerica Corp.
United Vintners S&W Fine Foods
Sterling Vineyards Clorox Corp.
Hills Brothers Chevron
Bank of America DeBeers Diamonds
Hewlitt Packard Zellerbach Paper
General Foods Stouffers Foods
Visa Card RCA
Mastercard Ampex
American Express 3 M Corp.
Kodak Co. Sebastiani Vintners
DuPont Chemical Gallo Wines
Seagrams Heinz Foods
Gloria Ferrar Wineries Brown & Williamson
Delicato Wines Freixenet Sparkling Wines
Food & Wine Magazine Good Housekeeping
Kraft Foods Monterey Aquarium
Lejon Wines Mars Candy Corp.
California Egg Program Beef Council
Avocado Council Orowheat Baking
Travel & Leisure Bayer Chemical
Coca Cola, Inc. GTE
Numerous recording artists and actors Ora-Ida Potatoes