'Great American Artisans'

This is a project I began over 30 years ago - a photographic essay on the finest artisans in America: the special people who've dedicated their life to a craft and endowed it with their unique American perspective.

Like a quilt hung on a wall, the Artisan's work must be born of a practical use, even if it's never used for the intended purpose.


Sam Maloof

Sam Maloof, America's Premiere Wood Artist   Charles Pinnell Charles Pinnell, Custom Leather and Accessories
Jeff Traugott Jeff Traugott, Fine Custom Guitars   Fred Williamson Fred Williamson, Turned Wood Bowls
Rigo Santos

Rigoberti Santos, Segmented Woodturner

  Geoff Stelling Geoff Stelling, America's Ultimate Banjo
Manuel Rosales Manuel Rosales, Organ Builder   Larry Robinson Larry Robinson, Fine Custom Inlays
Paul Laubin Paul Laubin, Laubin Oboe and English Horn   John Monteleone John Monteleone, Custom Roundtop Guitars and Mandolins
Arthur Stern Arthur Stern, Architectural and Stained Glass   Dorian Clair Dorian Clair, Historical and Architectural Clockworks




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